What is QuizStar?

QuizStar is a game where you can test your knowledge and how clever you are against the QuizStar ‘Genie’. Genie will ask you a question and give you 4 answers with 1 being correct. If you get that answer correct you move onto the next question, but if you get the answer incorrect your game is over and you can then start again.

But instead of getting rockets, tokens, stars or coins you actually win real money with QuizStar …… the more questions you get right the more money you win.

QuizStar is not a game of chance or luck; it is a game of knowledge and skill.

Sign up

The first thing you have to do is sign up.

This is very straight forward, but it is very important to make sure you put what country you are from for a few reasons;

  1. There will be some questions that will be specific for that country;
  2. There will be times when different countries have days when the prizes could be doubled or you could play for half price and other offers for a particular country;
  3. There will be a leader board for each country.

How do I start?

It is easy to start playing QuizStar, all you have to do is have at least 100 Kel (K100) in your account to play QuizStarZerO.

If you want to play QuizStar for the opportunity to win money, then you must have money in your DamnN Bank or PP Bank.

How do I get money into my account?

Again this is easy, all you have to do is purchase any  ‘in-app cash pack’ that you want and this will go into your DamnN Bank which has your money. This money will be used first and any money that you win will go into your PP Bank. At the top of the page or screen you will also see how many Kels you have as well.

All money in your DamnN Bank or PP Bank is shown as Australian $ (AUD$).

What is my DamnN Bank?

This is where any money that you deposit goes into. This money can not be withdraw and must be used on any of the DamnN International app or websites.

What is my PP Bank?

This is where your money is that you are able to withdraw into your PayPal account and then you can move this into your personal bank account in you want. At anytime you can go into your DamnN Bank or PP Bank you will see your money in AUD$. When you take money out through your PayPal account this will show in your local currency whether that be AUD$, UK£, Euros€, NZ$, Indian₹, South Africa R, Thai฿ and many more.

Now that I’ve got money and Kels in my DamnN Bank what can I play?

You can play either QuizStarZerO or QuizStar.

What is the cost to play?

If you want to play QuizStarZerO this is free to play less 100 Kels (K100) per round.

If you want to play QuizStar this will cost you AUD 10c, around  5p in the UK or 7c in USA. If you get a question wrong your game is over and it will cost you AUD 10c to play again.

What does a round mean?

A round means 10 questions.

Is there a time limit?

Yes there is. You get 10 seconds to answer each question.

How many questions are there?

There is over 100,000 questions in QuizStar with around another 1,000 is added every week.

How do I play?

You are playing against ‘Genie’ the QuizStar guru. Genie will ask you 1 question at a time and give you 4 answers, with 1 being correct and 3 being incorrect. If you pick the correct answer you move on to the next question or stop at a safe level (more on this later), but if you pick the incorrect answer your game is over.

A safe level

After you have correctly answered 10 questions that is the end of a round and you have reached a safe level. At this point you can then decide if you want to ‘play on’ or ‘bank’ your money that you have for answering those 10 questions correctly. 

At this point Genie will give you 60 seconds to think about what you want to do in relation to ‘playing on’ or ‘banking’ your winnings. At this point you will get a further 10 seconds of thinking time. If you do not decide in time your winning will be automatically go into your PP Bank.


If you decide to bank your winnings, it will be transferred to your PP Bank and you can start a new game at question 1 if you wish.

Play on

If you decide to play on this will cost you AUD 10c or K100 and you will receive the next question from Genie whether that is question 11, 21, 31, 61 or 91 whatever the case may be.

Safe levels are

10 (win AUD 10c or K100 which ever game you are playing)

20 (win AUD 25c or K250)

30 (win AUD 50c or K500)

40 (win AUD 75c or K750)

50 (win AUD $1 or K1,000)

60 (win AUD $2 or K2,000)

70 (win AUD $5 or K5,000)

80 (win AUD $10 or K10,000)

90 (win AUD $20 or K20,000)

100 (win AUD $50 or K50,000)

What ‘football’ is meant when it says ‘football’?

Because QuizStar is for the whole world, when the word ‘football’ is used as in ….. Which one of these people is a ‘famous football player’? or ‘which footballer this’ or ‘which football club that’, it will always mean ‘ASSOCAITION FOOTBALL or soccer’.

Can I pause a question or a game?

No once a question has been asked the game will not be able to be paused until you have reached a safe level or have answered a question incorrectly which will be the end of your game.

Can I play against other people?

At the moment you can only play against Genie but very soon there will be a game where you can challenge your family, your friends or anybody.

Can I get my money back?

At any point you can use the money in your PP Bank to transfer back out and in to your PayPal account.

What is the referral all about?

You can refer QuizStar to your friends and if they deposit AUD$10 into their DamnN Bank you will receive K1000 into your account.

What if there is a question that is ‘wrong’?

With over 100,000 questions it is in all likelihood that there will be questions that are not right or have two answers of the same answers, spelling errors or the likes. Clearly we have tried our best for this not to happen, but if this occurs we are happy to look at the circumstances that this has happened and the question. We will be able to check in the QuizStar backend of the game and see what number question you are up to, what that question was and if there was or is a problem with the writing of a question or the answers. If you do come across a question that is wrong please email the question and the issue to info@damnnint.com